This was my first experience of personal therapy and I really didn’t know what to expect. What unfolded was one of the most useful experiences I could have imagined. In a comfortable environment I was able to identify aspects of my behaviour that were making me unhappy. Sally offered me some simple exercises and changes to my routine that were so helpful and made a huge difference.
— Jayne, 36
I was struggling with anxiety and it was manifesting itself as claustrophobia. Living in London this meant I was finding it difficult to get the tube (which as anyone who has travelled in London knows is a massive faff - the bus takes forever) and even worse, I soon became worried about taking my next flight. Sal gave me some incredibly useful ways to manage the feelings of anxiety and then made me realise my fears weren’t ever coming to fruition. Her advice and help meant that I no longer fear the tube.
— Pete, 39